IPMS SALISBURY is your local plastic modelling club.  It meets every First and Third Tuesday each month at Dennis Marsh House, The Scout hall on Cold harbour lane, Salisbury  From 19.15 to 21.30 new members welcome.

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19 Feb 18  Additions to Mick Ellis photo Album on Flikr.  Congratulations to Richard Clarke on winning the latest 'Flashmod' from which a more detailed report will follow.  The event was extreamly enjoyable at a great venue.

14 Jan 18 Calander of Events updated until April and forcast of Theme nights published.

27 Dec 17 Happy Christmas from IPMS Salisbury. The final entries from 2017 are plentiful, with nods to our members who did well at SMW in Telford November of this year. Richard Clarke picked up Gold in class 81 and a Silver in Class 83 with Nick Williamson gaining Bronze in Class 96. A good showing at the most prestigious of modelling events. I suppose Sibo deserves a mention too as he brought home a bronze from Belgium in the Sci-fi category at 'plastic and steel' in October.

 The first club night of December was a busy night, as well as the normal Work in Progess and finished items there were piles of purchases from Telford as well as Don's interesting collection of finds to be used in another of his well researched but rather obscure British Army equipment builds- more on that no doubt in 2018.


Nick Williamson brought along a FAA Fairy Albacore as a WIP and then returned on the final club night with it finished. Phil has started the extreamly large SU27 Flanker C from Academy, not the simplest of model kits but no doubt it will look great when done.  Richard had already started a Telford purchase of a 1/9 motorbike being put into a barn find setting.

The main event though on the 5th was Brian Rose delivering an over view of the development of the Merkava IDF tank using many of his 1/35 models.

 If that was the main event on the 5th then on the 19th it was the annual 'Wacky Racers' contest. The rules remained the same with club members having to build independantly powered vehicles for racing over a set course. Normally its seperate categories for Wheels or Tracks, but by weird co-incidence this year it was Wheeled or Legged categories, which sadley also reflected a smaller turn out in the contest than usual.  It was non the less a great night with mulled wine and mince pies aplenty, and the racing itself much more closely fought then on previous years.  Richards Tiger 1 was raced against Don's Muscle car as despite appearence the Tiger was wheeled. Sibo's bizzare legged tank raced against Mick Ellis'es Tamiya Horse bot.

  Despite a magnificant start from Don, his friction powered muscle car lacked endurance letting Richards Tiger take the win.  The second race of the night pitted Sibo's 8 legged T64 hybrid against Mick and his very skittish Horse. The Horse set off at speed and looked to be 3 times as fast as the hybrid until it suddenly spun around and headed in all manner of directions.  This could have left the field wide open for Sibo's walker but as the distance mounted so did the realisation that the legged tank had a distinct vear to the left and its curved route would not see it to the finish line un-aided.  Both racer owners were permitted to 'tap' their vehicles back on course with the horse and tank romping toward the finish litrally neck and neck, colliding together at the same time as breaking the finish line. There was nothing for it but a re-match, which was convincingly won by Mick's Horse, leaving the Walking Tank well behind.  However the walking T64 did manage to win the best finished category so Sibo picked up a bottle of wine, Mick also won a bottle of Red for coming first and Richard a bottle for winning the wheeled event.  As always a great bit of competive enjoyment on the night as well as a great bit of un-demanding fun for the builders, a nice break from more involved building projects.  Lets see what 2018 brings for the Wackey Race night- the more entries the better.

11 Dec 17 New Pictures in Nick Williamson Album in the Picture Gallery.

28 Nov 17 Updates of new pictures in Paul Capon's and Sibo's Albums in the Picture gallery ( see link above).

19 Nov 2017 A post or two today bringing you up to date with the last of the theme nights we have run this year. The 'Not been seen before' event was very interesting as it allowed members to show both old and new. Old models built before being a club member or new projects under construction thay hadn't yet been revealed.  It seemed that some members were surprised with what they found when forced to look through their completed stash for something not seen before.  Brian Smart had a very nice Yak 28 'Brewer' (AKA Firebar) in 1/48 which he couldn't remember much about as it was quite some time ago he built it.

Sibo revealed the interior of a 1/24 Corvette that has been an on off project. By bringing it in now the interior could be appreciated as it will be un-seen once the racing body is fitted. Nick had a completed Spitfire variant on display too.  As it was BBQ night also ( once again Don russled up some great burgers and hotdogs assisted by Chris), I was unable to get details of all the models on display as most members were outside enjoying the feeble August sunshine as dinner was served. Therefore we should move onto 'Silver Screen', models of things seen on the big screen.

The model theme of tonight was obvious even though the fims in question often not so clear.  Brian Rose had a number of 1/48 Aircraft thankfully labled to indicate which films they had appeared in.  His very nice A4 skyhawk was only at the very begining of Tom Clancy's 'Sum of all fears'  and his F-18 and Skyraider also had small parts in other recent films.  Mike Hobbs went for the classic Airfix James Bond kit featuring Sean Connery as 007 and Odd Job. Mike Ellis had 1/35 endoskeletons from Terminator as well as working on other projects from the same film.  Richard had a lot to choose from, his nicest piece being the back to back Iron Man figures.

The final theme night of the year was 'Artillery' and was very heavily supported, worthy of a seperate post I think.

October Club nights. The end of September and through October saw much activity from club members even if constant attendance has proven difficult and odd nights have been missed due to other commitments. The tables have remained full during normal nights as well as the themed ones. In fact the Artillery theme night on the first meet of October was one of the highest number of models we have had for some time. Most club nights are taken up with tea drinking and a lot of talking while Steve sorts out the paper work and Richard the notices, though Todd is making a serious attempt to change the way of business by actually modelling on the night. Interesting, a model club that makes models.... I hope it catches on.

The final busy commitee member is Chris but it is important to note he is standing down at the next AGM. Volunteers for the vacant postion are most welcome. Earlier in the year Mick Ellis showed his 1/48 Osprey WIP, a conversion he was attempting into the US President's transport aircraft. After a long battle he brought the finished model into the club in October.  The next stage is to find some suitable CIA body guard types to place around the parked VTOL.

Other finished models included some fine aircraft from Tony Horton, a modern RAF Typhoon and a Bucaneer, some large scale models from Ray including the Red Baron's Tri-plane whose bright red scheme brightened up the tables ( more used to cam schemes and sand colours) and a finished build in quick time from Brian Rose of the new Typhoon from Takom. This Typhoon was a Russian MRAP while Richard also had a Typhoon, but a 1/24 WWII aircraft stripped down for restoration, add that to Tony's 1/48 Revell model and it seems that 'Tiffy's are all the rage at the moment. Phil even finished his 1/24 Airfix kit for the Air Cadet event that IPMS Salisbury assisted in judging ( Pictures from the event here).

Brian Rose stayed with the Soviet theme bring in a WIP of the massive Mobile Coastal gun in 1/35 by Trumpeter that was in black primer. To even things up he is also doing a modern British Bulldog based on the FV432 also by Takom.

16 Oct 17   Looking back to the last FlashMod, held in August, a report from Nick below. Tuesday 17th is Club night, no themes tonight just come along for the chat, bring a project in and see what on the tables.

25 Sept 17 Appoligies to visiters and club members for the missing updates, i've been a bit busy of late so have a number of enteries to update.  Lets get started straight away with a picture from overseas member Colin who sent over a few pictures of recent builds. I have put a few new photos in his Album as well as creating a fresh Album for Paul Capon who has been a club member for some time and specialises currently in Russian armour.

 I write 'currently' as Paul first showed up at the club with some amazing 28mm minatures and he has transfered his painting style over to armour, starting with 1/72 soviet tanks, then moving onto 1/35.  There are 6 pictures in his new album here.

Other events that the club has been involved with over the last 2 months include the annual club BBQ which was well attended and despite what has been a pretty wet summer was a nice night with members also bring in models for that night's theme- 'Not seen before' which revealed some interesting models that had been hidden away for many reasons.  We'll return to that again soon.  On the 6th of Sept the club dispalyed at the Boscombe Down Aviation collection at Old Sarum airfield. This is a small show that goes from strength to strength and was enjoyed by every one. A second 'Flash Mod' was held, organised by Nick Williams, a seperate report on that event will follow. Nick also deserves a mention for picking up a win in his catogory at the local 'Wing Activity day' held at Boscombe Down airfield for Air Cadet Sqn's from across Wiltshire and Dorset. IPMS Salisbury provided judges for the scale modelling part of the day. Richard, Sibo, Tony, Roger, Brian and Mick turned out with Deve Berriman overseeing the organisation. Barry from the Tank museum volunteers also helped out which was just as well as the number of models was high.  Also high was the skill and range of ideas on display.

While some of the modelling didn't stand up to inspection for finess and exacting construction, the young cadets seemed very willing to try ideas that wouldn't see light with more serious modellers as they attempted to get across an 'idea'.  False perspectives, night time flights, burning aircraft in flight and underground bunkers all made an appearance. An album from the event is here.

26 July 17 Two club night's to report on, the first on Tuesday the 4th was a theme night; Peace Keepers. Brian Rose dominated the tables with AFV's that were finished in varied schemes reflecting the unsafe world we live in and the wide range of deployed peace keeping duties carried out by the UN or nations on similar activities. In a similar role were aircraft with Tony Horton displaying a BAe Sea Harrier from 1993 over Bosnia. The nicest interpretation of the theme was by Todd with a 1/35 scale vignette of US soldiers receiving communion on the field during WWII. 


He was unable to attend so Sibo brought it along for him.  Sibo's take on the 'Peace Keeper' theme had a sci-fi twist but as it was'nt completed had to parade with the WIPs.


Other WIPs came from Nic Wiliamson with a 1/48 Lysander and Richard Clarke working on some 1/24 figures from Nuts palnet.  Paul Capon had a Trumpeter IS-4 completed.  It was nice to have Richard Lane along and he brought along some 1/76 Chieftan variants. Also looking very nice was a 1/24 Heller Tractor done by Richard, rusted of course.

The second club night was a little quieter as the Chairman was away on holiday.  Paul popped in after some time away ill and showed of a Leopard 2 underway and Mick Ellis had an Osprey in 1/48. Chris covered the notices, with a reminder that next club night is BBQ night with the theme being 'something new'. Any model that has not yet been shown to club members.

26 June 17 Club calendar of events has been updated right up to the end of this year. click here.

16 June 17
The show album containing 48 pictures is veiwable here click

07 June 17 First Club night of June straight after a great show on the weekend, 19 members attended what should have been the  'Steam' theme night but the high tempo of events recently meant only two models were on show. Mike Hobbs brought along a Steam Punk tracked vehicle and Richard Clarke a stalled railyard project. Some WIPs also appeard, a nearly complete Tiger 1 from Sibo, The DeLorean partworks kit from Richard, 1/48 Italeri Osprey from Mick Ellis and a Hobbyboss VK4502 from Chris.  The low number of Steam theme models can be forgiven as for most members time has been spent more recently with show prep and finishing contest enteries for the in house Revell competition.

Richards Winning Revell contest entry- 1/24 Routemaster Bus scrapyard project.

As is normal for the first Tuesday after the show much time was spent talking through the good and bad points of the day. Mostly good points and a big thank you goes to Richard Clarke for overseeing another great event.  He will stand down as event organiser for 2018 after a good run of shows.  The results for the Revell contest were presented on Tuesday after being judged by the regional rep Neil on Saturday then sealed in an envolope.  The Third place went to Sibo with his lit V2 rocket,  Second place went to Mike Maidment with his 1/72 Stug which saw Richard take first again!  4 years in a row.  Sibo presented him with a model on behalf of Revell and Salisbury Model Centre.  No doubt he'll make that in time for next years contest and win again...... Come on lads lets end this reign of modelling terror!

Steam night theme by Mike and Richard.

Some of the Revell contest entries were brought in on the night. Todd had a wonderfully weathered Voodoo.  Subtle colours on a Canadian machine.  Chris brought along a neatly done Titanic in 1/700 scale.

Club members did manage to find time for some shopping at our own show and the table of new purchases had a number of interesting things lined up.

Sibo's A4 (V2) at launch, and Todd's Voodoo.

So its modelling heads down for July's theme- PEACE KEEPING.

02 June 17 Long distance club member Colin Whitehouse has sent good luck wishes for tomorrow's show. He is as constant a modeller as when he was living in Salisbury and it is great to add a handful of pictures to his gallery ( see link at top of page or scroll down)


01 June 17

For those helping set out the hall on Friday, we meet at 1.30pm tables & chairs arrive at 2pm. Bring your models along to put on the stand and for the Revell competition.

Doors open for setting up on Saturday at 7.30am, with everything in place by 9.am ready for the doors to open to the public at 9.30am.

18 May 17 The Club trophy was up for grabs on Tuesday the 16th and once again some wonderful models were placed out for the previous winners and therefore judges to mull over. Nick Williamson wll have his name added to the shield after gaining first place with his Airfix 1/72 Jet proverst. Paul capon came in second with a small diorama using Miniart's Russian Zis3 Anti-tank gun and crew. Dave Berriman placed 3rd with his DH89 in 1/72 scale.  All those members who took part are congratulated on their efforts and for supporting the event.


1st Place -  Jet Provost (Airfix 1/72)

2nd Place -  76mm Zis3 (MiniArt 1/35)

3rd Place - DH89 Dragon Rapide (Airfix/Heller 1/72)

08 May 17 Looking back to last Tuesday we had a good number of Rotary models on the tables, though it has to be said that two member's helicopters accounted for a huge percentage of table space.  Bill had a good number of US Navy heli's all in bright colours while Ray Rodda brought along his collection in differing scales and nationalities. It's good to see Ray's ability increase with every finished model, his HAVOC being the latest. 


Brian Rose brought along a couple of APACHE's, Mick Ellis had a couple on display incuding his Yellow Wessex that really tested him after the windscreen snapped. It was nice to see complete and certainly didn't betray it's difficult build.

Other members also contributed helicopters but for left field thinking Tom Hindness and Mike Hobbs both share recognition. Both built the same model from Huma, the odd vertical take off 'Triebfugel' but both finished it differently. Some works in progress were on display with Phil's 1/24 Typhoon complete, a remarkable effort to get such a complex model built in such a short time span. Work and distance keeps many members away from the club as well as their workbench so it was nice to see Richard Lane too.  Looking forward to next club night, it will be a busy one as the Club Shield is up for award as well as our own in-house model show.


01 May 17 Tommorow is another theme night ' Rotary' so bring along your heli's or think outside the box?  Last club night saw the final visit of Rick who is moving away to be employed elsewhere. He bowed out in style with a wonderful diorama based on merry US service men.  The most amazing element was his scratch built farm house. This was based on his own photos taken when travelling and each stone was individually inscribed into DAS clay. 

Also of note were another couple of tiny yet highly detailed tanks from Paul Capon, this time I've included a 20 pence piece to help visualise the scale of his work. Much new work was in evidence with armour seeming to be currently in favour.  While no awards went to the club at Milton Keyens, Nick Williams and Paul Capon both did well at Poole. Nick picked up a gold in 1/72 aircraft or smaller. Paul took an amazing 5 awards in Military, figure and Sci-fi categories. A full report by Don will appear in the club newsletter.  You also might have noticed the reintroduction of the 'Club Members' article, though this time it has a link to a fresh page that will contain 2 full length and photo illustrated articles, the first of which is already up.  Previously we had a couple of paragraphs in the club page event section, now if anyone wants to really flesh out an article for publication please let Sibo know.

24 April 17 On Sunday the 23rd seven club members travelled up to 'Modelkraft' at Milton Keynes to display at the club stand, shop and enter the competition. A good day was had and a wide range of models were on show in 2 halls and on the balcony.  Car sharing was the order of the day, Mick and Dave, Richard and Bill with Sibo bringing along Todd and Paul. An album of 90 random pictures from the stands is here...


11 April 17 Another Theme night on the 4th, 'Trainers' with which Bill Allen dominated the tables with a big turn out of US Navy training craft. All in his prefered scale of 1/48, most had the standard red and white Hi-Viz training scheme although there were a couple of exceptions.  Nick Williams also had 1/48 Naval aircraft but from this side of the pond, also in very bright colours.

The interpretation of the monthly Theme is always interesting to see, and Todd took some 1/35 Luftwaffe artillery crew and a dog figure to make a different kind of 'Trainer' scene.  The figures are destined for a different project but in order to support the theme night he knocked up this vignette . Brian Rose presented a 1/35 female IDF Tanker on a Merkava. The Isreali's have many women instructors in the Army. Brain also brought along a couple of F104 twin seaters.

Mike Hobbs was another member keen to support the theme focusing on building up a P-35.  Unfortunatley he was unable to complete the model in time but I thought it should still get a showing as it is good to see club members trying to build specifically for the night.

On the WIP table many projects were under way offering a glimpse of some interesting models to come.  Tony Horton has a lot of work removing plastic to replace with a Maintrack resin plug on Airfix'es 1/48 Bucaneer. Sibo had a Tamiya Tiger with his own applied Zimmerit. Phil's 1/24 Typhoon has been underway for some time but is progressing well and Mick Ellis brought along a future build of a large scale Eagle transport from Space 1999. A big, rare and no doubt expensive kit that many look forward to seeing built.

The club will attend Poole Vikings and probably have new kit purchases for next club night as well as working on the May theme- Rotary.

20 March 17 On the first Club Night of March the theme night was 'Disasters' but the turnout was anything but a disaster as many club members made the effort to bring something along and the take on the theme was very varied.  We also had a new attendee to the club who will hopefully become a member. Ray Hill brought along some Soviet vehicles that he is currently working on that showed a very high standard of detail, as well as a completely scratch built bridge unit that actually folded up. An excellent debut and I hope to see more of his work.

Focusing now on the models displayed in support of the 'Disasters' theme, Richard was able to bring along quite a  few finished pieces as he already enjoys depicting all manor of things in a beat up or weary state.  As well as the Seafire and Rally car pictured here his new build based on the Revell 1/24 Route master bus made an appearance.  This bus is set to been seen again as it is Richards entry into this years group Revell build.

Chris brought along an old model of his, made when he was much newer to the hobby.  He spent time adding detail to the passenger lounges in the wings.  The Fire Flash needed the help of the Thunderbirds during the episode titled 'Trapped in the sky' resulting in International rescue using R/C wheeled props to support the crash landing airplane.

Other models on show came from Tony:- a what if based on the F-111 coming into service with the RAF and through constant upgrades eventually becoming the 'Merlin GR3'.  From Bill:- a trio of aircraft that support disasters by Air sea rescue. Mick chose the same but with an RAF SAR Wessex.  Sibo entered the spirit with a Space shuttle to represent Challenger and Colombia but was unable to finish in time.  Also not finished and representing 'Disasters' in the build sense were kits from Brian Smart, a 1/48 Firecat that he says ' Was a disaster from start to finish'.  Mike Hobbs had a kit in even worse condition, on impulse he thought he'd try and strip back a Car boot find and turn it into something nice.  Paint removal proved much more difficult than expected making him question what the previous owner had used to paint the thing.  Brian Rose added the new Takom G6 to the disaster pile. Despite the kit being a lovely state of the art build, his problems came from a reaction between the tyres and black primer resulting in a sticky set of tyres that have never dried ( last check 2 months and still sticky!)

A SKUA in 1/48 by Nick Williams is the representative picture in the listing for club nights but it may cause some head scratching as to how this demonstrates the 'Disasters' theme?  Nick did his research and the story behind his choice of model is this... 

"Midnight, 13 June 1940 Blackburn Skua's of 800 and 803 RNAS prepare to take off from HMS Ark Royal to attack the German heavy Cruiser Scharnhorst anchored in a Norwegian fjord. A diversionary raid by RAF Beauforts is supposed to divert German attention away from the Scharnhorst but instead has the sky swarming with Luftwaffe fighters when the Skua's arrive.  The Me-109's are 80MPH faster than the unarmoured Skua's and shot them down with ease with no loss to the German aircraft.  Of the 15 that took of from the Ark, 8 are shot down within minuets. the Sqn Leader of 800 RNAS was quoted as stating '...disaster at Trondheim"

Next Club Theme night is April 4th, the theme being 'Trainers'.

22 Feb 2017 The annual tidy up of the blog has been done and last year's reports are in the Archive.  There has been a lot of activity through Feb, a well attended theme night, a ' Flash Mod' speed modelling event, representation at Bovington and a less well attended routine club night. The theme night was a popular repeat idea - 'Animals' by name, scheme or even types.  It was one of the highest turnout of models the club has seen outside of a show for a long time.

Brian Rose brought along a lot of armour including a number of Leopards. Nick had many FAA types specifically the Blackburn Skua that he had been working on over previous months. Bill Allan also focused on 'animal' themed aircraft from the US Navy.


Mike Hobbs entered into the spirit by converting a mule pack animal scene.  The twist? The mule was being carried by the German soldier. Hopefully future theme nights will be as well attended and as can be seen by the list of themes posted on the events section below, there is scope for interpretation so everyone should find something to contribute. Next club night in March is 'Disasters', it will be interesting to see what turns up.


Rick Williams returned after a long spell of absence due to work, bringing with him another incredibly detailed diorama set in Russia.  The thatched farm house was entirely scratch built and the scene was populated with miniart figures and even a cow ensuring the diorama also sat on the theme tables. The second club night of February was down on numbers but one stand out model was Paul's finished Challenger 1.  He spent a lot of extra time removing molded detail and replacing clamps with etch.  The finish was refined with oils and the time invested has paid off.


 The club attended Bovington Tank museum on 11 Feb filling a couple of tables with exhibits. The show was generally well received by clubs as well as visitors and it looks as if this show will benefit from Yeovilton's decision to drop model events.  


'Flash Mod' was a trial event that met with a lot of good responses. While consisting mostly of club members it was organised by Sibo so was in part a Salisbury Model Centre venture organised to get over the winter modelling stagnation and focus on 6 hours of pure modelling.  Hosted at Culture Coffee on Fisherton Street, 10 club members and a local lad all turned up.  The basic idea was to take an un-started model and do as much as possible in 6 hours with those taking part voting on who had the best result. A trophy was provided by SMC but in truth that wasn't the main effort, taking part, and enjoying some model making social activity was the aim and all who took part agreed that it was fun and should be repeated, with other venues to be considered as well as dates.

5 Feb 2017  The 'FlashMod' event held at Culture Coffee on Fisherton Street on Sunday was good fun with Richard up-loading live reports to FB as the day progressed.  A more detailed report will be put up here later this week but for now - Well Done to Mike Maidment who met the brief fully and had the most complete model to show after 6 hours.  Dan Norris did well and gained second with Richard being noted for his resin figure painting.  For now the latest update is a new Album of Pictures for club member Mike Hobbs who's modelling tastes are eclectic. Click the 'Members Picture Gallery' above to take you to the album lists and scroll down.

MEMBERS Gallery.

click photos for members models

Club Chairman Richard Clarke.

 I've been a member of Salisbury IPMS for about 3 years but really started kit building when 17 years old.  I began modelling armour but now find figures and rusty autos to be my main interest. The Revell 540k Mercedes  is my favourite model so far.

Bill Allan.

 I've been a member of Salisbury IPMS for 15 years joining with Peter.  I am hugely interested in US Naval aviation from the 1950s onwards however my first model at 9 was the classic blue plastic Airfix Spitfire in a poly bag. My favourite model is the 1/48 Skywarrior that I invested a lot of time and scratch building in.

Colin Whitehouse.

 I've been a member of Salisbury IPMS for 4 years. I find all subjects interesting but especially enjoy 1/48 British post war jets. My first model as a boy was an Airfix Golden Hind ship and staying with ships my favourite build so far was Tamiya's 1/350 Enterprise as it took so much time to complete. I really enjoy the club and seeing the varied models members are building, it is great for encouragement.

Dec 'Sibo' Sibley.

 Becoming a member of IPMS Salisbury really increased my build rate as the themes and various challenges help keep me focused and seeing the work of others is a great stimulus. I enjoy armour modelling and building dioramas but also produce a lot of Sci-fi models too. I like mixing models with photography to get realistic pictures.

Nick Williamson.

My main interest is Fleet Air Arm Aircraft though I have been building since I was seven starting out on Matchbox kits as a boy in London. I now live in the Chalk Valley and combine modelling with a role in the Air Cadets.

Mick Ellis.

 I've been a member for about 8 years, starting out with an interest in modern armour but really specializing in Anti Aircraft vehicles many of which are resin kits. That said if something takes my interest i'll build it and Tamiya's Mogami warship is one of my favorite builds.

Paul Capon.

I had been building and painting 28mm wargame figures for a long time and wanted a change of pace. Since joining IPMS Salisbury I have worked on a number of Soviet projects in various scales.

Brian Rose.

 I have been a Long time member of IPMS Salisbury and was the club Chairman for a number of years. I enjoy the mix of members and seeing what they produce. My main interest is modern armour especially vehicles of the IDF.

John King.

 I joined IPMS Salisbury only recently after learning about it from the local model shop.  I am a keen AFV builder but have found club membership has spurred me on to do more challenging builds with a diorama my next project.

Steve Saville.

I have been a Long serving member of IPMS Salisbury and hold the position of Club Treasurer. I mostly make aircraft, though my output is slower than I'd like.

Mike Hobbs.

I joined the club after meeting Bill Allan, I had been a lone modeller until then but now enjoy the friendly club. We have competitions ( my Arado E555 for the Revell build in 2016 is my current favourite) but the members are not competitive or elitist which I really like. It's well worth the 45 min drive I take from Somerset.

Peter James.

  My modelling interests span Japanese aviation, Luftwaffe and 1/35 Armour up to 50's. My first kit was an Aurora B47, but Tamiya's 1/48 Japanese Seiran is my favourite built model so far. In 2016 I shall be moving away from Salisbury after 17 years as Secretary but look forward to continued modelling in Norfolk.



To encourage a change of build direction IPMS Salisbury has a number of theme nights planned for 2018

Febuary 6th – Colour RED.

March 6th – Weather : Weather monitering Planes, Light house ships or go for extream weathered vehicles.

April 3rd – Twins : interpret the theme as you wish.  Twin engines, twin booms or something else more off beat?

May 1st – RAF 100 year Centenary

June 5th – Missiles

July 3rd – Sci-Fi

August 7th – Captured : Any vehicle, aircraft etc in captured markings or with a story involving capture.

September 5th – TBC

October 2nd – WWI


December 18th – Wacky Racers IV.

If you have something already built that fits the theme bring it along or pick a subject or two and build something new especially for the night.


 scroll down for Events list 


Each Year IPMS SALISBURY hosts it's own in house Model Contest in memory of past members.

2007 Brian Rose

2008 Roger Doswell

2009 Pete Smith

2010 Brian Stoddart

2011 Bill Allen

2012 Tony Cooke

2013 Richard Clarke

2014 Mick Myers

2015 Brian Rose 

2016 Tony Horton

2017 Nick Williamson





Tues 6th: Club Theme Night.


10/11th (Sat and Sunday) SOUTH WEST MODEL SHOW. Bovington Tank Muesum.


Sun 18th: Flash Mod, Point of Contact Richard Clarke.


Tue 20st: Club night.


Sat 24th: ON TRACK model show at Folkstone. Club stand not attending.



Tues 6th: Theme Night


Tues 20th: Regular Club Night


Sat 24th: YEOVIL Model Show. Bucklers Mead Academy. BA21 4NH



Tues 3rd: Theme Night


Tues 17th: Regular Club Night