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Salisbury Model Centre's web site no longer focuses on online selling- there are enough web shops already out there doing that. Instead I hope you'll find these pages of general modelling interest. You'll find lists of new arrivals in store and you are welcome to telephone the shop to order or reserve an item or make general inquiries. More detailed reviews of kits and accessories will also be  posted here or on 'you-tube'. Non modelling information that is of interest will also be posted such as Steam visitors to Salisbury or news and manufacturer announcements.


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26 July 2017

Having a selection of topics and pictures for a new blog leaves me with a choice but instead of using one of my projects i'm going to give the opening picture pride of place to Airfix'es relativly new 1/72 Mustang.  I'm very inpressed by the model in the following picture not because it was done by a girl (though there is no denying that the hobby is dominated by males) but because this was her first model kit ever. My daughter, who some may remember worked in the shop a few years ago, and still occasionally covers for me, did give her friend some advice on finishing techniques but all in all, i'm impressed.

So after that intro it's going to be hard for me to raise the anti with what i've been working on.  I'll try with the following full picture of the V2 at launch.  I was working on this during my last blog and put up a small preview, but as it was due to go into a competition I didn't want to reveal it and loose anonimity. It is the Dragon kit, reboxed at some point by Revell. It was a nice kit apart from the fit of the wings to body which seemed to have been designed by two different people. I have left the body able to be seperated to gain access to a torch fitted inside.  This faces down onto a tube of Acrylic rod that supports the missile and mimics the belching flame.  The dust and smoke is 'Teddy stuffing' teased out and airbrushed. Dry plants add to the base and when photographed looks like a frozen moment in time during a V2 launch.  I hope you agree.
That was a build for myself. For customers i've completed a white metal car, a 1/35 Tiger complete with figures, Zimmerit and mounted on a base, some very small Harriers to go on a birthday cake and finally some 1/24 spitfire pilots.  The Tiger tied in nicely with the theme we have had running in the shop window, and the finshed model did spend a few days on display before being collected.  The picture below shows it before being mounted on a simple base.  I thought this prudent as the model has a number of etched parts so handling it is made easier by permanently attaching it to a scenic setting.
The completed customer builds have already been replaced by new ones so time for personal projects will be in short supply, but I am keen to find some so I can reserect a diorama set in Iraq.  My re-newed enthusiasm stems from a gift from a customer who has been experimenting with home casting.  He has turned 1x goat into a handful which will help me realise the scene I have planned.  More on that another day I hope.
Shop matters saw me journey up to Derbyshire to collect stock.  I left after work on the Saturday and made a break of it as my son covered Sunday in the store so I took the wife.  We detoured and stayed over in Newark, I can recommend the place 100%.  The castle ruins are nice and have some short guided tours but the place I was most impressed with was the Newark Air museum.  For such a small place it has a lot of very interesting things crammed in.  I was mostly interested in viewing their SAAB Viggen but there was a host of other non UK aircraft on display from East and West as well as Royal Airforce, FAA and prototypes from the UK to look at.   The staff are very friendly and keen to pass on knowledge.  It is a long drive from Salisbury, I felt it after 3 hours driving the return leg during the hot sunny spell, but if you can make a weekend of it you'll enjoy the place.  Hope this link helps...
Mig 27 and 23 'Flogger' aircraft at Newark Air Museum.

1st July  2017

A little blog entry until later this week.  We have been running a Tiger Theme in the shop window the last 2 weeks and posting on Facebook.  But try as I might I could not get the Gif below to work on FB, so here it is...

28 April 2017

Sorry for the delay between putting up some pictures and adding text, I attended the Woodgreen Village show inbetween which kept me away from the computer. A small charity show that I have always attended set in the New Forest.  Once again the takings and donations went to the Cleft Lip Society and I was glad to be part of the event.  A small gathering but packed with unusual things.  This year had the normal large scale working Traction engines doing their thing as well as 2 outside railways that soldiered on until rain came in on Sunday.  Inside were some nice examples of model railways in N, 00, and O as well as a linear working Tram diorama.  It is only fitting to put a few pictures in at the head of this blog.

Working away on customer projects as always brings some interesting back stories.  The completed 1/72 Beaufighter below has a wonderful history, it was brought in by a lovely lady of senior years saying her dad had made it in WWII.  It was in a number of parts, missing its props and with worn markings also obviously the victim of many repairs over the decades as the wing roots had big lumps of glue still present.  I removed the evidence of repairs but was mindful not to remove the authenticity of the original modellers finish. I could not tell if this was a recognition model, or complete scratch build but could see the body was carved from hard wood and used cardboard and wood filler to get the wing fillets and contours around the engine. There was many tiny cracks in this filler, hardly surprising as the builder was a Ground crewman on a RAF base probably in 1944, this model was therefore about 72 years old.  The model was to be handed down again to a grandchild so as well as stabilizing the original model and limiting the addition of new parts, a base was also made with brass name plaque.  The wings, before re-gluing, were mounted on a metal spar drilled through the body and deep into the wings to reduced strain on the wing roots.
I put together the history and age of the model from what the lady told me when she dropped it off but was truley convinced of it's origin when I opened the box that the parts were bundled in.  It also belonged to the lady owner, she had used the box as a child after the war to store her nic-nacs and painted the outside so had forgotten what it was used for before.  It was the cardboard box that evacuees were given containg a child sized gasmask/ respirator.
the Beaufighter has now been returned, ready to be passed on.  The owner was very happy, not least due to it costing 5 times less than an antique repair had quoted.  I still have the Respirator box, I wonder if I should send it off to the AAC museum at Middle Wallop?
The next two pictures are also of customer work, above are 4 of 10 individually weathered and filled Mineral Wagons, a job I rather enjoyed, and below a white metal 1/43 car kit which was far less enjoyable, even with primer the paint finish has proved to be very delicate and prone to marking.  I think the delicacy of the finish has made me too hesitant in the build as I've made some errors simply caused by not committing to a cut here or clamp there for fear of marking the paint. Not much left to go thankfully.  It is being done to match a real car owned by the customer's dad for which an old black and white photo was provided.
I often use these pages to show of customers pictures as there is so great work out there that should be shared. The First one is by Mike B who has a wide interest in Military models so we always have a good chat as that is probably my favourite modelling genre too.  The Pibber Fast boat by Tamiya shown here was a salvage job from a part made (and then consigned to the dustbin) model.  Once done Mike placed it in his fish pond for a picture and was impressed with how effective it came out.  The second picture comes from Alex G, a fully lit Star Trek Enterprise A in 1/350 scale by Polar lights.  I'm impressed by the effect he has created as it takes a bit more than sticking a few lightbulbs inside a kit to get a realistic finished model.
In fact that thought got me to try out some effects on a new personal build, a V2 rocket at the moment of launch.  It is mounted on a length of clear rod with teased out 'teddy bear' filler sprayed to mimic kicked up dust and smoke. Illumination is done with a small powerful torch mounted inside the rocket's body which seperates above the fins.  The other personal build was a gift from my wife at Christmas and completed in record time- just 2 days.  My wife buys me quite a few models for Birthdays and Christmas.  While she can't understand why i'd want another when my personal loft stash is over 300 kits, she has long given up trying to surprise me with a non-model related gift.  So this year I received some of those hard to find Ma.K kits and in an attempt to show her that I do build things she gives me, cracked on with it on Boxing day and painted it on the 27th.  Pretty much out of the box with some additions to fit how I imagined the suit might be used.  I took both these to Milton Keyens to the Model Kraft 2017 show. If you have'nt checked out the album link elsewhere have a look here

9 March 2017
March already !  3 months into the year and I finally start a new Blog.  Not very good I must agree, but as always time is being taken with so many other things that putting a few model related musings down onto the screen keeps being pushed back.  I have sorted out the archiving, another thing I always struggle to remember as it is only done once a year.  Time pressure and work loads also brought about the decision to cease doing repairs as of the 12th March. 

I don't like turning people away but I'm getting more and more drop offs from further and further away and I can not keep up.  In one week alone I had 7 locomotives, 2 radio control cars and 3 Scalextric cars dropped off for repairs.  With one day off a week or evenings to spend on repairs, I'm just unable to keep up with the demand, and my commission work is suffering as a consequence. As these drop offs didn't originate from SMC the thought that it is all part of  'good will' generation is not proving true.  And perhaps mistakenly on my part I won't charge a fee if the item can not be repaired even if I've spent a few hours working on it.  I expect to receive a lot of disappointed criticism from people who just turn up at the shop with a 'loft find' or "Ebay bargain, only cost me £45.00 and I see you've got one for £79.00.  But it doesn't work and the seller has deleted his account so can you look and fix it?" but so be it.  I need to get the work life balance re-adjusted.   Services offered in store and fault issues with shop purchases remain unchanged by this decision and customer's consumer rights are unaffected. 

Events in Salisbury including Steam arrivals.

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The DDWG meet Sunday afternoons between 14.00hrs and 18.00hrs at 1st Devizes Scout Hall, 15 Southbroom Road, Devizes. SN10 5AD.

There is a yearly subscription but the first 3 visits are free to give a taster of the wide variety of games played at the club.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Events at PENDON Museum.

Tel 01865 407365 for booking or check Pendon web site.

Trade news

05 July 17 Pice increases on a lot of items that originate from across the pond in the good old US.  You will see prices on WOODLAND SCENICS, PLASTISTRUT, K & S METALS and WALTHER jumping.  I will only do this as new stock arrives so expect to see different prices on items even if they appear to be similar, it gives you the chance of grabbing last years price for a bit longer.

12 11 16 While Brexit and the strong Dollar have effected prices the big internal shakeup of Hornby has also seen an effect on prices.  The later part of October saw increases in most areas. The Humbrol, Hornby Airfix lines have been noticeably affected but you'll be pleased to know Salisbury Model centre has not blanket increased its prices, with a lot of increases happening on new arrivals, however enamel paint and track work was effected immediately. ( we have actually price pointed our Humbrol paint just below RRP). Vallejo Pint has been effected by the falling pound, but as reported on Facebook, we delayed increasing our price for as long as possible.  Good news, Wilder products ( Pigments, textured paint and flux) have seen a fall in price. 

29 07 16 Things have not become to different in the modelling world post Brexit, though fluctuations in the exchange rate have meant some Importers are concerned and there have been a small number of price increases, most notably on US Imports. At present that has no change on any product in store but future restocks of Iwata branded items are set to increase.  On a positive note, as announced on SMC's facebook page; there has been a reduction in price on Lifecolor weathering pigments and Wilder textured paint.

22 March 16 Salisbury Model Centre will no longer be selling Games Workshop items and once stock on the shelves goes it will not be re-newed. Also this means we will no longer be accepting GW Vouchers. Do remember that there is a GW shop in Salisbury so you still have the option of shopping with them.

While we did delay puttng up our prices, be aware that Vallejo Model Color and Air color is now £2.30 a jar and Revell Aqua is now £1.95 a pot. Both have had a 5p increase this year which we have finally had to pass on.

Jan 16 This year has already seen announcements from the bigger names regarding price increases. New kits and re-stocks of some existing models from Airfix will have a higher price. Revell have price increases on their paints, but Salisbury Model Centre will hold of until March before increasing the price.

Bachmann have become the official importer for Trumpeter after taking over control of Pocketbond. SMC will continue to stock Pocketbond distributed items as normal

May 15th 2015 Two bits of news this report, the first is good news, Hornby have announced the return of Thomas The Tank Engine to their range this Christmas.  Not so good is a price increase on Army Painter spray cans. 

Reference pictures

My own pictures for you to use to detail your models or for interest.

Challenger 2 Main Battle tank of The British army.

Dardo IFV of the Italian army. 

M1/M1A1 Abrams. US Main battle tank.

Cobra. US attack helicopter being recovered in Iraq.

Humvee US utility vehicle.

AMX10P French APC.

VAB Wheeled APC of French Army.

RAF Calf Tractor Tiny tracked vehicle used to clear snow in WWII on RAF runways.